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How to Become a Male or Female Pornstar? (2023)

How to Become a Pornstar

In the industry today, how do porn companies make money? Especially those behind the massive sites that post millions of free videos but only offer subscriptions on the side. The porn industry is worth an estimated massive $97 billion dollars, globally. But since the shift of power within the industry, and the new business model based on free content for consumers, it’s important to understand the economics of it all is constantly evolving.

In addition, MindGeek, for example, uses algorithms to create highly curated personalized sites that are based on the user’s search history. They’re doing a lot of data collection. Online-porn users don’t necessarily realize that their porn-use patterns are largely molded by a corporation. We talk about the construction of wants and needs in other aspects of the economy, but that applies just as well to pornography. It’s a lot like Amazon, where you look for a couple of books and they say, “You might also be interested in this.” Then you’re being spoon-fed a limited range of pornography based on the keywords you use, based on your geographic location, based on their algorithms, and the information that they’re processing about the time of day.

More than half of all emails came from women that want to enter the adult business and start their pornstar careers. We never endorsed people, yet for some reason, our daily fan mail always includes the same question: how do I become a pornstar? Of course, making money while banging sluts is the ultimate fantasy of many men, but we are not talking about males only.

Also, during our interview with one of the rising male pornstars, he said that it is now impossible for a guy to enter this business unless you have connections. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you should not take his or any of the advice you get as the universal truth. I have a few female friends who are shooting porn and a guy friend working as a producer. It might not be the best advice you will get, but it counts for something.

In Western Countries where Porn is allowed – auditions are held openly through adverts and through common networks. Men and women who want to audition have to go through 2-3 rounds – and it’s not like what they show on porno flicks. It’s mainly though Q&As. And then the second round is the medical examination and then the third round is where you have to pose and are given scenes to work on.

Mostly female porn stars make more money than male porn stars. Female stars who can do more creative positions and those who prefer men & women get paid more – than the ones who only prefer women.


The porn industry is huge and provides employment to many. It is not only the models and pornstars that make up the porn industry. There are many other opportunities in the porn industry, both behind and in front of the camera.

in front of camera jobs

Fetish models
Phone sex operators
Sex workers(Call girls, masseuses, escorts)
Adult sexting performers
Glamor models
Sex club hosts

job opportunities behind the camera,

Camera crew
Film production unit
Make-up artist
Costume designer
Film set crew


Understanding the Porn Adult Industry

Ask yourself if porn is the right industry for you. On the outset, porn seems like the perfect career for adventurous, sexually-active actors. You get paid to have sex almost every day, and the pay is actually pretty good once you get started. But porn comes with a series of risks as well, and they may outweigh the perceived benefits. Things to remember include:
Your image, once filmed, will be online forever, even if you try and switch careers.
You need to take the time every day to stay in shape, eat well, and keep clean and hygienic.
You are not having sex for fun, you are doing it for your job. Expect the intimacy and spontaneity of sex to disappear during a 4-hour video shoot.
Maintaining a committed relationship while in porn can be almost impossible, as jealousy is only natural.


Remember that you must be 18 years old to act in pornography. This is a heavily enforced rule in the porn industry because breaking it can lead to years of prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Even if you are a consenting, willing participant, you must be 18 to be in porn in the United States

Understand where porn is filmed

Adult actress here. I know people say they know this- but viewers really don’t understand how LONG it takes to film a video and how FAKE it all is. I’ve been a male porn actor for two years now, I’ve starred in some pretty professional stuff that went mainly to Bangbros. A porn video usually takes quite a bit longer to make than the video lasts. So even before we start the video, we do the picture shoot. This is done separately to the video and I have to get into all the positions we are going to do and stay still from 20 – 50 seconds, which is really f*cking awkward, like no movement nothing. This is why I have to take Viagra before I get to work, it’s hard work staying hard. Also the girl usually has a ton of lubricant for the picture bit because it’s not really like sex.

Getting Your First Audition

Remember that all body types are beautiful, and lucrative, in porn. One of the most interesting facets of porn is how inclusive it is. Since there is a desire for almost any type of man or woman on the internet, almost any type of man or woman can find a niche in the porn industry. What matters most is confidence on camera, not your look.