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Lana Rhoades Facts only a die-hard fan knows about


Lana Rhodes Biography: Lana Rhodes (Lana Rhodes), born on September 6, 1996, in McHenry County, Illinois, USA, is an American actress and model. By 2022, Lana Rhodes will be twenty-six years old. His religion is Christian, and his mother, and father are Christian. Talking about his body stats, his height is around 5 feet 2 inches and he weighs 55 kg. His eye color is blue and his hair is dark brown.
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Lana Rhoades is an American film actress and consultant. She started her career as an adult film actress and has appeared in many adult films. He soon became one of the most famous actors. In his prime, he was allegedly one of the highest-paid adult filmmakers. He also quit his job to become a consultant. Rhodes announced that she was pregnant with her first child in June 2021.

Facts about Lana Rhodes

What is the real name of Lana Rhoades?

Amara Maple is her real name. In 2016, she adopted Lana Rhoades as she made her acting debut in the mature film.

The Best thing that ever happens

Most people know that Lana went to jail when she was 16. Even though the sentence was for 5 years, she stayed there for a year. But do you know that in her latest podcast, she describes it as “the best thing that has ever happened to (her)”? She has 5 feet 3 inches in height and weighs around 51 KG, her measurements are 32D-23-34. She has beautiful eyes of blue color.

Interest in

Lana Rhoades is interested in men with some complexion, brown hair, and light brown eyes.

Rough childhood

Lana Rhoades’s sister had “bad schizophrenia” and her house was always chaotic. So, whenever those things happen, she would dive into her favorite show ‘The Girls Next Door’ of Playboys.

Bought a house at 22

By the age of 22, it is quite impossible for most people to even dream about buying a house. But Lana was not only able to buy a house for herself but also helped her parents financially. And they are proud of her achievements.

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Pornstar at the age of 13 or 12

Everyone has a dream of becoming something when they become an adult, and Lana had to. Lana Rhoades in her latest podcast laughingly admitted that by the age of 12 or 13, she knew that want to be a pornstar. Though by that age she did not watch any porn. But she always wanted to be an adult movie actress.

Though someone can’t determine the exact net worth of a celebrity. But the collected information from the sources like net worth portals, and financial portals the net worth of Lana Rhoades is around $22 million.


By looking at their body of Lana, you can tell that she was always interested in sports. For most of her school career, she was a regular participant in cheerleading and gymnastics.

How old is Lana Rhoades exactly?

Lana Rhoades has been 26 years old since 2022. Her birthday is September 6, 1996.

Did Lana Rhoades Give Birth? Lana Rhoades announced that she was pregnant.

Expecting a child is Lana Rhoades. The internet was awash in that information.

The retired adult film diva Lana Rhoades was introduced to the social networks she was anticipating. The announcement was posted on her Instagram account.

Because the former p0rnography starlet is now a star involved in a variety of endeavors, “Lana Rhoades pregnant” is just one of the bits of information in the pattern. The model has chosen to build her life since she is independent and does not need to return to the adult movie theatre display, and the fans have shown their support.

Lana Rhoades is dating who?

The mother and digital content creator maintained an undisclosed relationship status following her breakup with Mike Malak. She is reportedly dating American basketball player Kevin Durant, according to rumors.

The rumors began after the porn star admitted on the 2G1k show that she had a dull date. Lana left a hint but didn’t reveal the man. She said that he was a Libra by birth. Neither Lana nor Kevin Durant has acknowledged their relationship.

What do the tattoos by Lana Rhoades assert?

Three tattoos are on the model. She has tattoos of a dragon on the proper side of her back, two hearts on the ideal hip, and an Arabic phrase on the upper left leg. She claims the Arabic tattoo indicates.

“You have actually closed your eyes, yet I am a gallery filled with art.”
Total wealth.

5 Bonus Uncommon Details About Lana Rhoades

When she has free time, she likes to bake cupcakes.

She has received numerous nominations and awards in the adult cinema sector.

She has experience in the adult entertainment sector working with Brazzers and other porn actors.

The adult film star said in a podcast that she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for joining a gang when she was 16 years old.

Lana has appeared on a lot of well-known podcasts.

Lana Rhodes Social Media Accounts

Twitter: @LanaRhoades

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