Porn fans are into different niches, and for some, a sexy babe with sexy feet gets them goings, so this article ranks the best foot fetish pornstars. Best Feet Pornstars when you are done enjoying this article. It’s one thing to get a dick off using your hands, but it takes great skill to make a dick squirt using your feet.

There are many hot pornstars who are not into doing this hot sexy act but have the sexy feet to make the act look amazing. The final result is a ranking of the highest number of points. I discovered a few new pornstars to watch, and hopefully, this list will help you discover a few babes for yourself.


She was born on May 17, 1995, in San Diego, California. Granger first began performing in explicit hardcore fare in Miami, Florida in 2015. Lovely and stylish, Kimmy looks as great in a sleek, black dress as she does naked pleading for cock.

Kimmy started out as a nude model willing to do pornographic films. She has been in the XXX scene for 4 years and has banged in over 337 porn movies. Silly, playful, and a whole lot of gorgeous fun, this big butt seducer makes quite the first impression which is how she is one of the best foot fetish pornstars.


she was born on April 23, 1985, in Lithuanian SSR, USSR. She is an actress and director. Tina Kay is a porn star from the United Kingdom. She has been listed on FreeOnes since 2010 and is ranked #170. Before banging her way into the porn industry, Tina Kay was a successful mainstream model.

Let your eyes wander over her fantastically nicely well-toned physique and her exquisitely shaped boobs, and you’ll understand the reason she is one of the best foot fetish pornstars. She has captivating green eyes and lovely light brown hair.


she was born on September 24, 1999, in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. She made a statement that she wanted to be a model but later ended up in the adult film industry. With attractive eyes, a light dusting of perverted, and ideal skin, Anastasia Knight is almost too hot to be believed.

This kinky starlet has plush curves and creamy skin, and you do not want to miss watching her butt jiggle as she rides a fat dick to get higher on the best foot fetish pornstars list. This sexy hottie was 18 years old when she began banging for us to view.


she was born on 23-Apr-1992. At age 16, Cadence worked as a gas station clerk. Three years later, she began to do shows as a webcam model. Known for her tight perky butt, deceptively angelic smile, and shocking capacity for intense ass action and sloppy face fuckings, Cadence is certainly not a chaste schoolgirl.

She has been listed on FreeOnes since 2013 and is ranked #78. She has earthy confidence and hotness that comes through in every one of her fucks making her one of the best foot fetish pornstars. world. She has been in the XXX scene for 6 years and has screwed in over 444 porn scenes.


she was born on 28 Mar1994.hile in co-ed college, Miss Williams began socializing and experimenting. She discovered an ad for an erotic reality show and went on to make her industry debut in 2015. She also enjoys a crazy night out now and then, and with her playful smile and laid-back personality, she’s the ideal chick both to hang with and to bang.

Turn the lights down and the vis-smoldering slut was 21 years old when she started banging for us to see. volume up, and enjoy her scenes today. She has captivating green eyes and pretty dark blond hair.


she was born in 1994 in Red Bank, NJ. Her first job was working as a waitress and hostess at a sports restaurant.She is more commonly known by her stage name, Meghan Slaninko. Alexa is very famous and well-known on many social media platforms and in the adult entertainment industry.

She has been listed on FreeOnes since 2014 and is ranked #722. Alexa is a lap dance enthusiast and loves to try new sexual experiences: she did both of these in her first scene, a threesome with two BBC studs. She has lustful green eyes and thick blond hair.


she was born on October 25, 1997, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Emma has three tattoos, currently: one on her upper left arm, one across her upper right rib cage, and the last two matching ribbons across the backs of her thighs. Emma Hix is luscious and lovely with lovely big boobs, a full booty, and a sensual smile.

Over 3 years, and 356 porn scenes later, she is still wanting to ride some more dick, and stroke some more cunt. She has bright brown eyes and thick brown hair. Emma Hix joined the porn world in 2016.


she was born on September 4, 1996, in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. A stacked hottie with striking breasts on the toned frame, Daisy is full of personality and sexual cravings. She has been listed on FreeOnes since 2017 and is ranked #313. Her fanbase continues to grow steadily so she is definitely making her name for herself.

Of course, she also has a firm booty and sexy long legs, not to mention her sexy little pink pussy that just did not seem to get enough dick. She has been in the porn business for 2 years and has shagged in over 232 porn scenes.


she was born on July 7, 1997, in Cleveland, Mississippi, USA. She has been listed on FreeOnes since 2016 and is ranked #778. This darling looks like a princess straight out of a fairytale, but while she might be the fairest of them, she is certainly no damsel in distress.

There’s just something about knowing that men everywhere are stroking her smoldering breasts that sends Lily Adams into a state of genuine lust. She was 20 years of age. Over 3 years, and 240 porn movies later, Lily Adams is still eager to fuck some more dick and eat some more snatch. She has lustful brown eyes and thick brown hair.