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Hot Pornstars with LightSkin, Pale White Skin (2023)

Pale White Skin

If you want to find out if there are any pale pornstars in the industry, then all you have to do is look and you’ll discover that there are several of them. We’re fans of all pornstars here at IFL no matter their skin colour, we love black pornstars, Asian pornstars, white pornstars and very white pornstars and that’s where this list comes into play, there’s something great about pale pornstars, In ancient times, pale skin was a must-have quality for any aristocrat, princess, or king. Mostly because only poor people would get a tan while working in the fields. Some queens would even bleach their skin with methods that proved fatal to their health afterward. However, we did try to combine both pale and hot at the same time, as jerking off to someone ugly is not our thing.

white skin pornstars of all time

IIf you want to find out if there are any pale pornstars in the industry, then all you have to do is look and you’ll discover that there are several of them.

Ella Hughes

I do regret discovering her only now and not ten years ago. Just when this sex position was all I dreamed of. These porn scenes are what I live for and are exactly why Brazzers keeps dominating our top sex sites list.Thankfully, she does all that too. Really can’t see any faults with Ella Hughes, that pussy looks very wet.

Bunny Colby

Pale White Skin

Bunnies are super-adorable and the sweetest bunny of all is Bunny Colby for sure! None is prettier or better looking than this chick and at 28-years old. Bunny insists she’s bisexual, but BBCs and other massive cocks must have not gotten the memo, because they go up her snatch more frequently than her cunt gets licked by other hot babes!

Nala Brooks

Nala is another natural redhead but looks wise that’s all her an Ella have in common, Nala has big tits (fake) a beautiful toned body and the sex drive of a rabbit. Nala is only 23 so we hope she have a good few more years left in her yet but she does already have a fairly popular Onlyfans account which usually only means one thing…. Retiring from mainstream porn

Raven Black

She is quite tall, has a pair of 36D boobs, and has a thick booty. Raven Black has a drop-dead gorgeous body and luscious pale white skin that make her even hotter. She’s a curvy and busty pale white porn star from Hollywood, California who has performed on big tits, MILF, cougar, and mature porn


Always prepared for another round, this exotic hottie is one of the best white pornstars due to her display of her tasty breasts and butt. Skylar knows how to use her hands and mouth with the expertise of a true sex professional.

Elsa Jean

Elsa is one of the best white pornstars due to her stunning looks, perfect handfuls of tits and ass, and gorgeous eyes. We can only expect more growth, more screwing and more excellence from Elsa.Elsa Jean gets her hands on a fat dick she likes to take her occasion and enjoy every inch of it. Elsa is a dazzling big boobed tramp who enjoys to suck and lick cunt the biggest cocks she can find.

Evelyn Claire

Gave a dick-numbing blowjob to Keiran, fucked his soul out of him, and in the end, enjoyed one messy facial. Dark hair mixes incredibly well with light skin, making her our favorite.The greatest discovery of a new decade! Evelyn has the looks and it’s not just your typical cute face.

River Fox

The hope is not all lost though! Realizing that the fans got hooked on her looks because of the goth-like skin, River Fox took drastic measures and is now fading back to the natural pale shade of cum white. The talented blond pornstar used to have an even lighter tone of white skin.

Ella Hughes

There’s plenty of redhead pornstars with pale white skin on this list and Ella Hughes here could be the most edible of them all! She has one of those very perky rear ends that make your hands ache for a cupping, plus a very appealing pair of 32B very natural tits. This top petite pornstar must have been told that BBC’s contain the key to immortality and prosperity, because she rides these a lot more than a jockey rides his favorite horse!

Emma Starletto

Emma is 21-years old and one of the youngest pale pornstars on this list, as well as among the skinniest. She’s blonde, beautiful, and blue-eyed, and her A-cup tits make her one of the most flat-chested pornstars to be seen.You can never be too appreciative of the cannon between your legs, at least not till Emma Starletto here shows up on the screen and lets you see what her smile and antics can make it do!



Stoya looks like a posh totty and in her personal life she may well be just that but when she’s in front of the camera she’s a naughty little minx.Onlyfans profile where you can find mostly solo content.



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